Filling your Micro Palette
​Please visit our RESOURCES section for recommendations on limited palette strategies by World famous colorists including Jane Blundell.


Why is the Micro Sold Without Paints?
Watercolor artists are typically very particular about the specific colors they use. They often use different color palette selections depending on the subject they plan to paint.  For instance, in Hawaii, the palette may lean more towards blues and greens, whereas in the desert southwest, it’s more likely that reds and earth-tones will predominate. This is why an empty palette is a welcome sight! The Portable Painter Micro includes six detachable half-pans so that artists can easily customize their color palette. The Micro is designed to accept standard size half and full pans.

Adhesive Disks for Half-Pans
Small disks of re-usable adhesive are provided to secure the pans in the palette, though they can still be removed: Just use the tip of a palette knife to lever up the the edge of a pan and the adhesive seal will be broken.  The pans can then be removed and re-attached as needed. 

Why Do The Micro Pans Have A Lip On One Edge?
The lip is there to create a little more separation between the pans, to help minimize color mixing between adjacent pans.

Extra Pans are Available
The six half-pans that are provided with the new Portable Painter Micro are standard size (unlike the original Portable Painter Classic which holds smaller,  Winsor & Newton® size half-pans.) We offer a set of six extra half-pans and three full pans, for artists who wish to customize their color selections.  The extra pans come complete with re-usable adhesive disks. *Please note that pans for the new Portable Painter Micro will not fit in the original Portable Painter Classic.

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