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  • Steve Padden (Portable Painter Designer & Founder)

Cold Weather Watercolor Solutions

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Many areas of the world experience several months of rainy or extremely cold weather each year. This makes plein air painting, or urban sketching, a real challenge. One reliable refuge from the cold, with good visibility, is the cosy, heated interior of a car. The downside is that it’s rather cramped quarters. But that’s where Portable Painter CLASSIC shines!

It straddles a leg as it securely holds your water containers; conveniently leaving your hands free to position your pad and paint. Popular Canadian watercolor artist, Shari Blaukopf of Montreal did a great blog review of the Portable Painter CLASSIC. It includes this photo of her using the palette in her car. She later said “I have been painting in my car for years and this (CLASSIC palette) would have saved me a lot of mess during all that time.”

Take a look at Shari's review: Magnolias in the rain and a new car palette

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