Portable Painter Classic in Neoprene Pouch w/ Extra Half-Pans (12)
  • Portable Painter Classic in Neoprene Pouch w/ Extra Half-Pans (12)


    The original Portable Painter Classic is about the size of a standard smartphone, one inch thick and just 5.1oz, yet it converts in seconds to a complete watercolor painting system. It fits effortlessly in a pocket, purse or daypack so it’s ideal for travel on or off-road. It includes: two detachable water containers, two folding palette plates with plenty of deep mixing wells, twelve empty half-pans (W&N size) ready for your favorite colors, a synthetic folding double-brush, an anodized aluminum clasp and a silicone retaining band. Our neoprene drawstring pouch cushions the palette and also holds one or two additional items (travel brush, pencil etc.) Comes complete with twelve extra half-pans, that allow artists to quickly change their color palette as needed. Comes complete with reusable adhesive disks.

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