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The original Portable Painter Classic is about the size of a standard smartphone, only one-inch thick and just 5.1oz (146gm.) Yet it transforms in seconds to a complete, professional palette with a sturdy pedestal base, that’s great on uneven surfaces. It fits effortlessly in a pocket, purse or daypack and it’s ultra-light for travel, both on or off-road. It includes two detachable water containers, two folding palette plates with plenty of deep mixing wells, twelve detachable half-pans (W&N size), a synthetic, folding, double brush, anodized aluminum clasp and a silicone band to retain the clasp and hold extra brushes and pens while painting. You’ll find that the Classic is awesome for on the go and can even be used hands-free, straddling a knee. Just slip it in a pocket, purse or daypack and you’ll have everything you need for travel, urban sketching, nature journaling and plein air painting.

What's Included



  • Pocket Size and Ultra Light

  • The Perfect Travel Palette

  • 2 Detachable Water Containers

  • 12 Half Pans (W&N size)

  • Unique Synthetic Double Brush

  • Plenty of Deep Mixing Wells

  • Aluminum Clasp

  • Silicone Retaining Band



NEW Classic Expansion Pans Are Now Available

Carry more colors, with no increase in size or weight

Introducing two new Expansion Pans that fit precisely in the brush slot of the Classic palette. They instantly increase its ability to carry up to eighteen colors. The full length pans hold about the same amount of pigment as a standard full pan, so they are ideal for frequently used colors. the split pans hold a little less than the current half-pans, so they are well suited for specialty/accent colors. Both types can me intermixed to deliver the ideal number of colors you prefer to use.

B-Classic Expansion Pans Infographic.png
Custom Pans Classic

Professional Reviews



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