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Our New Ambassadors

Introducing two, brilliant plein air artists as Brand Ambassadors:

Sarah Burns is a US artist who, over the last several years, has settled into a new homeland: Scotland.  She is incredibly talented in both transparent watercolors and gouache (opaque watercolors.) Her work is stunning and she is now one full year into a multi-year project, trekking  around the coastline of Scotland and capturing the trip in her own vibrant style.  Portable Painter® is a go-to solution for her work, in conditions that can often be challenging.  She frequently uses both the original Classic palette and the Micro. She documents her journey in Youtube videos and blog posts that are visually exciting, with drone footage, speed-painting and personal observations.  She has a large following of avid artists.  We will be posting regularly on her progress and her work. Come and join us for a refreshing visit to the beautiful landscape of Scotland.  You can almost taste the sea air in Sarah’s engaging videos.  

Portable Painter ambassador Sarah Burns
Portable Painter ambassador Andy Walker

Andy Walker is an artist, blogger, and online art teacher from England, who has lived in Spain since 2009.  He writes for the Leisure Painter magazine in the UK and has been a tutor on painting holidays in England, Spain and Portugal. He loves the experience and the challenge of painting en plein air, as well as working in the comfort of his studio. He specializes in watercolours, gouache and oils; intent on capturing the beauty of the landscape and the light. He uses the Portable Painter Classic and the Micro almost exclusively when out sketching.  He has also developed a series of easels and pochade boxes for his own personal use and for sale. 

More recently Andy has designed a simple, DIY accessory for the Classic that allows it to be used effortlessly in one hand with a sketchpad. We think it’s genius! Andy documents it in the video shown here and blog posts. We will soon make available drawings of the board on our website along with dimensions, so that you can easily create your own.

We will be following Andy and posting regularly on his work throughout the coming year.

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