Frequently Asked Questions

Synthetic Double Brush

Please see the attached photo that shows a complete brush, both open and closed. A smaller brush head is stored in the back end of the larger brush. It is quite a tight fit. To open, firmly grasp the body of the main brush and the end of the smaller brush insert, then twist and pull. Both parts will separate and the double brush can be assembled.

Why the Classic is Sold Without Paints

Watercolor artists are typically very particular about the specific colors they use. They often use different color palette selections depending on the subject they plan to paint. For instance, in Hawaii, the palette may lean more towards blues and greens, whereas in the desert southwest, it’s more likely that reds and earth-tones will predominate. This is why an empty palette is a welcome sight! The Portable Painter includes twelve detachable half-pans so that artists can easily customize their color palette. Please visit our RESOURCES section of our site. You will find useful recommendations from professional artists, on color choices, pigment types, watercolor papers and other handy tips.

Adhesive Disks for Half-Pans

Small disks of re-usable adhesive are provided for the half-pans. They fix the pans in the palette, but can still be removed: Just slip a butter knife or dull table knife down the edge of the half-pan and the adhesive seal will be broken. The pans can then be removed and re-attached as needed.

Extra Half-Pans Are Available

The half-pans in the original Portable Painter Classic are Winsor & Newton® size, which is smaller than most generic half-pans. We offer extra sets of these half-pans for artists who wish to customize their color selections. The sets of twelve come complete with re-usable adhesive disks. * Please note that pans for the Portable Painter Micro will not fit in the original Portable Painter Classic.

Silicone Band Uses

The original Portable Painter Classic comes complete with a silicone band. This can be used to retain the aluminum clasp when the palette is in use. The clasp can be inserted under or snapped onto the band. The band can also attach brushes, pens and pencils to the water containers while the palette is in use.

Neoprene Drawstring Pouch for Portable Painter Classic

Our optional neoprene pouch was originally developed as standard packaging for our palette in France. The thin, wetsuit material protects the palette and also allows additional items such as travel brushes, pencils etc. to be carried alongside it.

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