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Portable Painter® creates compact, ultra-light watercolor palettes for travel.  They range from smaller than a credit card, to the size of a standard smartphone. Yet they convert in seconds to versatile, professional watercolor palettes.


The original Portable Painter Classic is just 5.5” X  3” X  1” and weighs only 5.2 oz (148gm.) It features two detachable water containers, plenty of mixing wells, twelve empty half-pans ready for your favorite colors, plus a unique double-ended brush.  When the set is open, the water containers act as a sturdy pedestal base. It’s great on uneven surfaces and can also straddle a knee for hands-free use.


The new Portable Painter® Micro, is literally smaller than a credit card, just one inch thick and weighs an astonishing 1.5oz (44gm.) Yet it features a convertible water container, plenty of deep mixing wells and six empty half-pans ready for your favorite colors. The Micro can be securely attached to your sketchpad with a simple bulldog clip.  This allows both to be held comfortably in one hand, while freeing your other hand  to paint or draw.


Portable Painter® makes watercolors easier to carry and simpler to use. They fit effortlessly in a pocket, purse or daypack. So they are ideal for travel, especially today, when travel increasingly means hiking, trekking, biking and camping.  This is also one of the reasons why Nature Journaling, Adventure Journaling and Urban Sketching are more popular today, than ever! They are all wonderful ways to reconnect with our surroundings and the natural world. And rather than snapping photos, sketching with watercolors is an ideal way for people of all ages to capture great memories.


Anyone who has traveled on foot can tell you that ultra-light construction and compact size are vital when choosing equipment.  High performance is also essential.  When it comes to art in the outdoors, Portable Painter® makes the choice easy with two of the most versatile, feather-weight palettes on the market today. They guarantee that, on or off-road, you can always have your favorite colors with you… just add water!

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