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This image shows the Micro Palette both closed and open along with all the other accessories that are in the kit, including two water brushes and a set of eight Micro Expansion Pans plus adhesive disks. The packaging is also shown: a gray microfiber drawstring pouch


The new Micro Max Kit has everything you need for watercolor painting on-the-go: It combines an original Micro palette, two water-brushes and a set of eight new Expansion Pans. In addition to the installed half-pans, they allow you to tailor the Micro to hold from six to sixteen colors, with no increase in size or weight! There are two types of pans that both hold a genuinely useful amount of pigment: Twin-cavity (1.5cc/ml each) and Quad-cavity (0.75cc/ml each.) The pans can be secured in the palette with reusable adhesive disks (included.) Once they are installed, they look and feel like original equipment.

Tiny palettes are often home made and typically lack usable mixing space. The Micro finally solves this problem: It provides maximum deep mixing surfaces and even a convertible water container when it’s fully open. It can also be securely attached to your journal or sketchpad with a simple bulldog clip. This allows both to be held comfortably in one hand, while freeing your other hand to paint or draw. 

The two water-brushes, as their name implies, can be filled with fresh water so they are ready to paint whenever you are. The kit is packaged in a roomy microfiber drawstring pouch that can hold the palette and brushes along with a variety of your own art supplies, ready to grab and go. Enjoy rugged, quality construction in a professional palette that's designed for left or right hand use. 

What's Included

An overhead illustration of the Portable Painter Micro Max Kit: Open and closed, containing six standard-size half pans, plus two water brushes, a set of eight Micro Expansion Pans and also the microfiber suede pouch in which the kit is packaged  It lists all the features that make the Micro Palette perfect for travel, urban sketching and plein air painting


  • Credit Card Size

  • Featherweight (1.5oz, 43gm)

  • Perfect for Travel on or Offroad

  • Large Microfiber Suede Drawstring Pouch

  • Micro Palette with 6 Half-Pans Installed

  • 8 Custom Pans with adhesive disks

  • 2 Water-brushes

  • Convertible Water Container

  • Plenty of Deep Mixing Wells

  • T Shaped Finger Grip

  • Handy Lanyard Hole



NEW Micro Expansion Pans are Now Available

This image shows two rows of open Micro Palettes that are configured to hold from eight to sixteen colors, using the new Micro Expansion Pans: The top row is empty so you can see the individual pans more easily. The bottom row shows the same configuration fully loaded with liquid pigments.
A full set of eight Micro Expansion Pans  A full set of eight Micro Expansion Pans are available: There are two types of pan: Dual and Quad, that can be intermixed. The Micro can hold four of the pans to offer from eight to sixteen colors capacity with no increase in size or weight

Carry from Six to Sixteen Colors with no increase in size or weight

The Portable Painter Micro is a professional quality “limited palette,” with six standard half-pans. However if you prefer to carry a wider range of colors, our Expansion Pans can deliver! There are two types: Dual and Quad cavity that each hold a genuinely useful amount of watercolor pigments. They are available as a stand-alone accessory or as part of the new Micro Max Kit. They can be secured in the palette with reusable adhesive disks (included.)

Custom Pans Micro

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