Micro Max Kit
  • Micro Max Kit

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    With a Micro Palette, Custom Pans and Two Water-Brushes, in a Versatile Microfiber Pouch: 


    The new Micro Max Kit has everything you need for watercolor painting on-the-go: It combines an original Micro palette, two water-brushes and a set of eight new custom pans. In addition to the installed half-pans, they allow you to tailor the Micro to hold from six to sixteen colors, with no increase in size or weight! There are two types of pans that both hold a genuinely useful amount of pigment: Two-cavity (1.5cc/ml each) and four-cavity (0.75cc/ml each.) The pans can be secured in the palette with reusable adhesive disks (included.) Tiny palettes typically lack usable mixing space. The Micro finally solves this problem: It provides maximum deep mixing surfaces and even a convertible water container when it’s fully open. It can also be securely attached to your journal or sketchpad with a simple bulldog clip. This allows both to be held comfortably in one hand, while freeing your other hand to paint or draw.


    The two water-brushes, as their name implies, can be filled with fresh water so they are ready to paint whenever you are. The kit is packaged in a roomy microfiber drawstring pouch that can hold the palette and brushes along with a variety of your own art supplies, ready to grab and go. Enjoy rugged, quality construction in a professional palette that’s designed for left or right hand use.

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