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Temporary Halt to Canada Shipments:

PLEASE NOTE that we have been experiencing delays and other difficulties when shipping to Canada recently.  We are trying to discover what is at fault. But in the meantime, we are not able to send orders to Canada. We apologize for any inconvenience.


Classic Palette + Classic Expansion Pans (8) & Adhesive Disks

Classic Palette + Classic Expansion Pans (8) & Adhesive Disks


The Portable Painter Classic includes: two detachable water containers, two folding palettes with plenty of deep mixing wells, a paint tray with 12 empty half-pans (W&N size), a unique synthetic, folding double-brush an anodized aluminum clasp and silicone retaining band. Now we have paired the Classic with eight of our new Expansion Pans, that are engineered to fit perfectly in the brush slot.They allow you to increase the capacity of the palette from 12, to 15, 16 or even 18 colors, with no increase in size or weight! Reusable adhesive disks are provided to secure the pans in place. Once installed the pans look and feel like original equipment. There are two types : Single-cavity that holds 2.25cc/ml (close to a full pan) and twin-cavities, that each hold 1.1cc/ml. This accessory pack includes eight pans, (four of each.)

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