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Temporary Halt to Canada Shipments:

PLEASE NOTE that we have been experiencing delays and other difficulties when shipping to Canada recently.  We are trying to discover what is at fault. But in the meantime, we are not able to send orders to Canada. We apologize for any inconvenience.


Micro Palette + Half (6) and Full (3) Pans in Clamshell

Micro Palette + Half (6) and Full (3) Pans in Clamshell

SKU: 1M+Clam Pans

The Portable Painter Micro is literally smaller than a credit card, one inch thick and weighs just 1.5oz (43gm!) Yet it transforms in seconds to a fully self-contained, professional watercolor system; with plenty of deep mixing wells, a convertible water container and room for six of your favorite colors. It includes a sturdy T-shaped finger grip on the base and a handy lanyard hole. The Micro comes with 6 standard size half-pans and will also accept full pans. It’s packaged in an attractive microfiber-suede, drawstring pouch.


This combination includes a clamshell pack of 6 additional half pans and 3 full pans that are perfectly sized for the Micro.


*Please note, Micro pans will not fit in the original Portable Painter Classic palette (which holds smaller,W&N size half-pans.

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