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Micro Palette
with matching expansion pans

The Portable Painter Micro is actually smaller than a credit card, just one-inch thick and astonishingly, only 1.5oz/43gm. Yet it transforms in seconds to a complete, professional watercolor palette; with plenty of deep mixing wells, a convertible water container and six, standard-size half-pans ready for your favorite colors. It includes a sturdy, T-shaped finger grip on the base and a handy lanyard hole. It fits effortlessly in a pocket, purse or daypack so it’s ideal for travel, urban sketching and plain air painting. Its tiny size and feather-weight, make it ideal for artists who enjoy the outdoors and who value the ultimate in compact size and uncompromising usability. It’s a perfect companion for artists who enjoy ultra-light hiking, camping and biking; always there, whenever or wherever you find yourself. It can be securely attached to a journal or sketchpad with a simple bulldog clip. This allows everything to be held comfortably in one hand, while freeing your other hand to paint or draw. Enjoy rugged, quality construction, and versatile design, for left or right hand use.

Micro Palette in blister pack (PP6BP)

B-Micro Custom Pans with leaflet2.jpg

Micro Expansion Pans (8)

plus adhesive disks (MC8)


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NEW Micro Expansion Pan Sets are Now Available at Wholesale

Watercolor Artists love these new Micro Expansion Pans: They can instantly carry up to sixteen colors with no increase in size or weight.

The Portable Painter Micro is a professional quality “limited palette,” with six standard half-pans. However if you prefer to carry a wider range of colors, our new Expansion Pans can deliver!


There are two types: Dual and Quad cavity that each hold a genuinely useful amount of watercolor pigment. The pans can be intermixed or even combined with the half-pans to offer exactly the number of colors you prefer to carry.


They are available as a stand-alone accessory or in combination with the Micro. They can be secured in the palette with reusable adhesive disks (included.)

Custom Pan capacities in Micro.jpg

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