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  • Steve Padden (Portable Painter Designer & Founder)

Treasure and Travel - January Edition

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

By Treasures, I mean the many tiny things that we all tend to collect over time; mostly of sentimental value (like the ones in the picture here.) On my own journey, I feel the need to pare away these items as I get older and I’ve been thinking of ways to help the process and reduce the sense of loss. I decided that one way could be to concentrate them one at a time, soaking in the details of each. Remembering how it came to me, what I liked about it then and how I feel about it now. Sketching the ones that still really speak to me and letting the rest slip away, as pleasant memories.

Travel is something else that I used to love, that has been diminished or lost over the past couple of years. I’m thinking about revisiting some of my strongest memories from vacations past, to relive and strengthen them. Looking at photos or picturing scenes in my head and trying to capture the moments in watercolor. The two sketches below were done from memory, of a trip I took to Cinqueterre, Italy in 2010. The center image was taken on that journey. I feel that these moments in time deserve to be refreshed and savored anew.

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