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  • Steve Padden (Portable Painter Designer & Founder)

Instantly Add More Colors to Your Portable Painter CLASSIC Palette

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

This is a tip for anyone who has wanted a Portable Painter CLASSIC palette that can hold more than twelve colors. Several artists who use the CLASSIC gave us the heads-up on this clever, effortless hack. It allows you to instantly add five or six additional colors: Just squeeze some pigments into the small mixing wells on the folding palette plate as shown and you’ll instantly have up to eighteen colors. The palette size remains the same and you'll still have plenty of mixing areas to work with. If desired, the small wells can actually hold almost as much as a full pan. Please make sure to let the pigments become leather-hard (as you would with normal half-pans) before folding the palette and traveling with it.

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