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  • Steve Padden (Portable Painter Designer & Founder)

Finally, Travel Accessories That Can Recharge You!

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

These gadgets are compact, pocket size and completely wireless. They can bring color into your life and allow you to capture the flavor of the world around you. No, they aren’t smart-phones, they’re watercolor palettes that are lighter and every bit as convenient to carry as many phones. Watercolors are one of the oldest and most accessible ways to paint and with Portable Painter it's never been easier to have a set with you. The Classic and the Micro are incredibly compact, yet they transform in seconds to fully functional palettes with built-in water containers. These creative tools offer a simple, direct way to become mindful while we soak in our environment and capture the beauty of nature. Rather than escaping through the distractions of email and social media, they can give us the opportunity to relax, be present and get into the flow.

These days, rather than taking a far-flung vacation, travel is more likely to mean hiking, biking and camping where compact size and minimal weight are a major benefit. So the Micro and Classic palettes at just 1.5oz and 5.2oz respectively are ideal. On these outdoor adventures, keeping a nature journal is becoming a very popular with children and adults alike. It offers a simple way to engage with our surroundings and help us to appreciate the beauty of nature. A quick color sketch and a few notes can help create strong memories; often, better even than taking a photo. This is because we are actively and intently looking, and absorbing what we see, rather than abdicating the responsibility to a camera. The result can be a vibrant memory that's always with us. Better yet, the focus that we bring can combine with the satisfaction of seeing our skills improve over time, to build a sense of accomplishment. It’s just the thing to energize and recharge our spirits in difficult times.

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