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Hands-Free Urban Sketching with the Portable Painter MICRO

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

We probably should file this under “Great minds think alike!” Teoh Yi Chie of Parkablogs in Singapore did an excellent review of the MICRO recently. He also showed his well-used original CLASSIC palette. If you watch Teoh’s channel you’ll see many instance of the CLASSIC randomly showing up in his videos, since it’s a go-to part of his urban sketching travel kit. In his review he demonstrates the MICRO's surprisingly tiny size and amazing functionality. Besides painting with it, you can watch him attach it to his watercolor journal. Like Steve Mitchell at Mind of Watercolor, Teoh uses a bulldog clip, but rather than employing the finger grip on the base, he simply inserts the folding palette lid between the pages of his journal and secures it with the clip. As you can see from the photos above, it can be positioned along the top of the journal or down the side. It still offers plenty of mixing areas and at only 1.5oz (42gm,) it adds virtually no additional weight. The photos below, shot on plexiglass, give another view of how to use a clip to attach the MICRO to a journal.

Check out Teoh's Parkablogs review here reviews.

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