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  • Steve Padden (Portable Painter Designer & Founder)

I Received A Lovely Surprise Gift In January

Updated: May 16, 2021

One of our customers in Spain (Joaquin) had placed an order that got lost in the mail. I sent him a replacement as soon as he let us know about the problem and he received the Portable Painter Classic and Micro without much additional delay. Soon after the New Year, I received a package from Joaquin. In it, there was a hand-painted greeting card, demonstrating "how he was starting to enjoy his (paint) boxes”. There was also a personal note regarding a “small and curious gift” that was enclosed: It was several small tubes of Spanish watercolor pigment by a company called Novesco. The note explained that he had been given the tubes by an elderly lady-friend, who was an avid watercolorist. She had owned them since 1940 and late in life, passed them along to Joaquin. He said that the pigments were “in perfect use and are magnificent colors” that he imagined I would like. It literally brought tears to my eyes. I’ll report again when I've had an opportunity to paint with these little jewels.

Joaquin closed his note with a sentiment with which I believe we can all agree: “I Hope That People Who Love Watercolors Stay Connected Forever.”

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