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  • Steve Padden (Portable Painter Designer & Founder)

We All Love Tiny Palettes!

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

They’re so cute!!! Also, did we say they’re TINY… They take up virtually no space and are extremely light, so they can go anywhere with you. Artists frequently convert Altoid Mint tins, compacts and pill or cosmetic cases; in fact almost any container with a lid will do. It’s amazing how washi stickers, washi tape and some watercolor half-pans can upcycle the mundane, into a little jewel of a palette.

Typically though, DIY tiny palettes are short on one important feature: mixing space. In a limited palette, many colors, like green, purple, earthtones and neutral grays, quite often must be created by mixing two or more colors. This means that plenty of mixing space is vital. Additionally if an artist wants to paint a larger image, or use broad washes, it requires deeper wells that can hold a lot of liquid.

The Portable Painter MICRO solves this need by transforming from credit card size to a fully functional palette that’s almost four times the size! It offers three large mixing plates with multiple deep wells. In fact one of the wells can even double as a substantial water container.

The new Portable Painter MICRO comes in pure, bone white. So just like your favorite mint tins, it's perfect for decoration. We encourage you to break out the washi stickers and tapes to make it a personalized reflection of you.

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